Nerve pain

I hate random nerve pain.  For example this morning I went from zero to catching my breathe and cussing because it felt like a bowling ball had been dropped on my big toe.  Sharp pulsing take my breathe away pain that lasted about three mins.  What the mother fuck is that?  Tonight the same ankle that is attached to that same foot feels tight and painful.  I ache all over.  I don’t fucking care.  It’s just pain…..

Fuck this mother fucking disease!  Grrrrrrr!!

I helped paint some art tonight.  In spite of the pain.  Fuck you Fibro – you loose.  My life rocks.

Here’s a pic of what I helped the community make tonight.  It’s fucking gorgeous.


One thought on “Nerve pain

  1. That blows. The random pains like that are usually the worst for me. I get them daily and they are almost always 7 plus on the pain scale for me where as my whole body aches normally stay between a 4 and a 6. I hope that your toe pain didn’t/doesn’t return for you.

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