The pain is back

I’m struggling.  The pain is back.  My hips and back are at a constant 3/4 and sends shooting pain to an 8 through out the day and night.  My left woke me.

I know what I need to do.  My pride is not letting me.  I need to take my cushion with me and sit on it rather then hard seats.  Everywhere…..

I don’t like to show my illness or pain.  I don’t want to now.  This is fucking bullshit.  Can I at least please have my dignity?

The pain is making me exhausted and overly sensitive.  I do not …… FUCK!!!!!

Pic is my tire on the side of the freeway last week.  That’s how I feel today.  Soooo fucking pretty!!!

2 thoughts on “The pain is back

    1. Honesty time. I took two weeks off of Chiro. One on purpose and the second to help family. I also tried to do some work around my own house. I won’t again. So I’m paying the price. I went yesterday and I’ll go again.

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