That’s pretty cool 

I did great.  I smiled, I held my head up high and I laughed with my brother T.  I did not stuff my face with cookies.  I waited until I got back to the hotel for my earned pig out.

The same Aunt I spoke of earlier never came near me but I caught her looking me up and down and snearing to herself.  Seriously she has to be in her sixties now and still does that shit.  The after party was to be held in her home.  I drew my boundary politely and calmly telling my Dad that I had no desire to be in her home and planned to order a pizza and pick up beer at the hotel.  My Dad decided to join me.  So in the end I got a couple hours alone with my Dad drinking beer, eating pizza and telling stories.  Turns out I’m not the only one with some stupid drug stories from my young and dumb days.  My Dad is no longer afraid to tell me the truth.  That’s pretty cool.

Fuck those people.  I hope they have peace someday.  I love my Step Mom more then words can say.  And I loved her Dad who was a good good man.  I paid my respect.  I showed my love.  I looked good and I honored me.  Win win win.

This is taken outside the hotel tonight.  It was 94* at 6PM

The dress was full length but showed my arm and back tats.  I was complimented.  I felt like a Goddess.  I am a Goddess!   

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